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  1. Emory’s Daniel Sperling for Callahan 2020

    Daniel Sperling has been one of the more underrated players in the Southeast for years. Now he’s Emory’s Callahan nominee. Here’s his video.

  2. DePaul’s Mike Prasauskas for Callahan 2020

    DePaul DUC have nominated Mike Prasauskas for Callahan. Check out the video.

  3. LSU’s Johnny Sims for Callahan 2020

    LSU have nominated Johnny Sims for Callahan. Check out his video.

  4. Drexel’s Dylan Smith for Callahan 2020

    Drexel Spitfire have nominated Dylan Smith for Callahan. Here’s the video.

  5. Send it Back: Ohio State v. UCSB (2019 College Champs)

    Tonight at 8 PM Eastern, join Ohio State Fever’s Sadie Jezierski and UC Santa Barbara Burning Skirts’ Julia Kwasnick for a rewatch of the 2019…

  6. Send it Back: PoNY v. Machine (2018 Club Nationals Quarterfinal)

    Thursday, April 9th, at 8 PM Eastern, join New York PoNY coach Bryan Jones and Chicago Machine handler Pawel Janas for a rewatch of the…

  7. Send it Back: Ironside v. Sockeye (2013 Club Nationals Semifinal)

    Tuesday, April 7th, at 9 PM Eastern, join Boston Ironside’s Josh “Cricket” Markette and Seattle Sockeye’s Danny Karlinsky for a rewatch of the 2013 Club…

  8. Send it Back: UNC Wilmington v. UNC (2017 College Championships Semifinal)

    Don’t miss a chance to relive what is remembered as the “Jack Williams game” between UNC Wilmington and UNC from the 2017 College Championships semifinals.

  9. Send it Back: UNC Wilmington v. Pittsburgh (Easterns 2016)

    The host of our Sin The Fields podcast, Tad Wissel and Pat Stegemoeller, wanted to get back in on the commentary game and decided to…

  10. Penn Holds High Tide Commencement for Seniors

    It was in the midst of just another High Tide, the spring break ultimate frisbee tournament in Myrtle Beach, S.

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